Mind The Gap

Hibiscus Air Pistol Club 

Mind the Gap Air Pistol Competition 2020

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Gap = The points you expect to need to add to your score for the perfect score of 600.

Score = The total score for your match.

Match = 60 shots – Men, Women, and Juniors.


The Mind the Gap competition is fulfilling a “gap” in shooters needs, we have many shooters from our competition season working hard at their shooting consistency month after month, and a large group of club shooters and juniors who can shoot from their home range and challenge our top shooters.
We are now an international competition with many of our shooting friends from the Coral Seas joining in.
We are excited to introduce a new format this year and anticipate growth in the “gap chasers” 

Goods shooting skills – Greg Yelavich (Shooting Legend)

Competition Format

Mind the Gap is now a 60 shot match of all, women, men, and juniors. You can shoot any time during the month. You can shoot your Mind the Gap at any organised club match. Advise your gap score to the Match Organiser or Range Officer before you start. After the match record your results as described on the Mind the Gap score template and email it to mtg@hibiscusairpistol.org.nz. Please enter in the subject line MTG2020.

2020 Competition Dates

Start 1st March and finish 31st November 2020.


Your score is based on the aggregate of your 5 best results during the year, plus your final November score which has a competition gap that we calculate (the average of your five best gap results) This last match needs to be shot in November and the results sent in by 31st November 2020.


The prize pool is $350

The prizes are:-

- 1st Place $120

- 2nd Place $90

- 3rd Place $60

- 4th Place $50

- 5th Place $30

We reserve the right to alter the prize pool if there are less than 20 registered shooters.

Prize winners will be notified by 13th December 2020.

Gap Rules

Choose your gap before your match starts and advise this to the Match Organiser or Range Officer. 
Examples below (using a chosen gap of 100)

- Gap = 100 + your score of 500 = 600
- Gap = 100 + your score of 490 = 590
- Gap = 100 + your score of 510 = 580 (# see note)

# Note:- Match points over 600 are doubled and taken off the score

In the event of a tied score, the lowest gap will be the winner.

You can only enter one result each month as this is a monthly competition.
In the event that two results are received for any month then the lowest result will be used and the other result will be discarded.

Score Template

This can be just an email sent to mtg@hibiscusairpistol.org.nz as long as it contains the following information.

-       Your name
-       The date you shot the match
-       Your chosen gap
-       Your match score
-       I confirm that I set my gap and advised the Club Organiser or Range Officer of this gap before I shot my match.

As this match is based on each competitors honesty the purpose of confirming you advised someone of your gap before your shot is just an affirmation to all the other competitors that your scoring is true and correct, and likewise all of the other competitors are confirming to you that their scoring is true and correct.


Score Template Email Example:-

To: mtg@hibiscusairpistol.org.nz

Subject: MTG2020

Name: Joe Blogs
Date of shoot: 16 April 2020
Gap: 65
Match score: 530

I confirm that I advised the Club Organiser or Range Officer of this gap before I shot my match.

Regards Joe