Mind The Gap

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Hibiscus Air Pistol Club

Mind the Gap  Postal Air Competition 2019

Gap - the points you need to add to your score for the perfect match

60 shot match - men + juniors

60 shot match - women + juniors


Competition Rules

Shot any time during the month, shoot at any organised club match, gap score to the club organiser before you start, results lodged on our website by the last day of the month - late result goes into the next month


Competition Date

Start date 1st February 2019, End date 21st November 2019


Prizes (notification by 20th December)

Winning competitors are the aggregate total of the best 6 results during this period, plus one match with a competition calculated gap - the average of up to the best 6 results gap points, this will be your gap score for the last match, this match needs to be shot by the 20/11/2019.

20+ competitors, Total Prize Pool $210 for men and $210 for women;

1st place, $120     2nd place, $60     3rd place $30


Gap Rules

Gap chosen before start of match (example 60 shot match)

Gap + Score i.e. 100 gap + your score of 500 = 600

Gap + Score i.e. 100 gap + your score of 490 = 590

Gap + Score i.e. 100 gap + your score of 510 = 580#

# match points over maximum match score (600) are doubled and taken off maximum score, tied result, lowest gap score = winner


Entry Fee

$30 for up to 10 matches/results

Register and pay by 1st February at http://www.hibiscusairpistol.org.nz

HAPC bank a/c number 12 3046 0448146 00

Please use your surname as a reference

       All other correspondence to admin@hibiscusairpistol.org.nz



We reserve the right to alter the prize pool if less than 20 registered shooters

We would also extend the prize pool if we receive huge support




Hi, air pistol is our fastest growing ISSF discipline, probably due to the McMillian Cup that is run each year through the schools or perhaps it is the low cost to shoot the event, the fact that you can train at home, or maybe pistol shooters see the advantage of using air pistol for training in other events

Whichever it is, here is the opportunity that many of us have been asking for, a competition shot at your own club but a nationally competitive competition that should be very fair

We hope to see entries from clubs throughout the North and South Island

We can’t make it any easier than this, please support this match, your sport and your club

Good shooting skills

Greg Yelavich